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How to maintain a balanced diet during Lent

As we’re going through the Lent period and since fasting is a custom followed by many, it is good to know how we can fast and eat healthy and balanced at the same time. ...


Staying healthy while teleworking

Teleworking continues, as over 50% of company staff work from home. Staying at home often leads to boredom which is usually followed by higher food intake and consumptio...



Go easy on salt! How? Did you know that 3/4 of the salt we consume daily comes from packaged foods? So, you can focus your diet on more plant-based and less processed foods.


Planning on following a more vegetarian diet? Did you know that the protein you get by combining cereals with legumes can be an excellent protein alternative to meat?


Looking for delicacies even when you’ re not even hungry? Try washing your teeth or chewing some gum to change up your taste buds. Alternatively, find something to occupy yourself- there is always something you tend to postpone!


Did you know that the lack of daily simple movements can “slow down” your metabolism? Try choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, doing the outdoor chores on foot, and using means of public transport more often.

5 + 1 nutritional tips to shield your body!

We are going through a period when the “fortification” of our immune system is one of the first priorities for all of us. In your effort to strengthen your b...



Boost your immune system…with a bowl of salad: try mixing some cabbage, carrots, parsley, Florina peppers, orange juice and olives for extra antioxidant protection.


Did you know that breakfast and small snacks can significantly contribute to our daily vitamin and mineral intake? At the same time, they help keep our body weight under control.


Which type of exercise do you choose in the winter? Find an activity you enjoy and start today! Τhis way, you can fight off stress and acquire the the flexibility, strength, endurance that suits you!


How much water did you drink today? Did you know that even a mild dehydration of about 2% can negatively affect your performance at work, school, or driving?

Foods that boost your brain!

Have you ever wondered how our brain manages to always be “on”? It is responsible for our breathing, our heartbeat, our thoughts, our movements, our senses… In, other wo...