Activity Sectors

Newrest Hellas operates in all catering and hospitality sectors. More precisely:


Companies / Industries / Administrations

It provides the daily food service for the employees in companies such as  pharmaceutical, banks, industries etc

Corporate Events

It offers food services for corporate events, conferences, seminars, coffee-breaks, as well as business lunch or managers’ meetings at their offices.

Hospital Institutions

It provides daily food services for patients, by offering a tailor-made diet program, in compliance with medical and dietary guidelines.

Educational Institutions

The dietary needs of kindergarten children, pupils and students are covered daily by tailor-made menus totally adapted to their increased requirements for energy and mental alertness.

Additional services

  Thorough study of the place intended to host the canteen/restaurant, taking into account the client’s needs.

  Integrated proposals for restaurant’s design, formulation and decoration.


In-flight catering services

The main activity of our production units in our network is in-flight catering in scheduled flights, charter flights, VIP flights, bye-on-board, lounges and in some military flights.

The key factors that ensure our success and our leadership in the sector are:

  Newrest multiannual experience and the expertise in inflight sector

  Our dedicated staff, who always works with view to the satisfaction of each client’s need

  The planning and the right implementation of our operations

   The compliance with regulation of safety and hygiene in all production procedure


Newrest Hellas manages all customers services in lounges before their boarding. This dedicated offering is based on three pillars:

 A specific menu with high quality products based on local gastronomy and French and international cuisine.

 Quality service thanks to a trained, dedicated team.

 Customised events and facilities: an area for relaxation, culinary events, special events for different yearly and daily occasions (national holidays, local celebrations, etc.)

Services offered :

  • Design
  • Catering
  • Passenger reception
  • Maintenance services
  • Optional services