Activity Sectors

Inflight Catering

Newrest offers a wide range of services which includes mainly the design of menus and the culinary preparation of meals, logistic management, aircraft handling as well as VIP flights.

In Newrest we create customized meals adapted to meet the high quality standards of our customers. Every day, our production units develop and execute recipes for the most prestigious airlines as well as traditional low-cost companies.
Whether based on religious, cultural, medical, or health reasons our passengers’ dietary requests are always fulfilled, demonstrating seriousness and professionalism.

Catering in Airport Lounges

Newrest Inflight manages welcome lounges for airline companies and airports. It manages all aspects of the lounge: from lounge concept, layout and design to welcoming travelers, as well as providing passengers “À la carte” cooking at the lounge, provisioning and serving all types of food and beverage, equipment supply, cleaning and maintenance; in other words, a tailor made solution for passengers’ needs.

Catering in Rail

Newrest offers a full range of services on-board: a bar, a dining car, integrated first class services, online pre-ordering and on-board entertainment. Moreover, it provides maintenance and cleaning of trains and ensure a peaceful and safe journey for the travellers. It also, manages the supply chain for all the required products.



Catering at Remote Site

Newrest has been expanding its activities geographically to cover the needs of the employees working at sites farther away and more hazardous such as mining sites, oil platforms, and huge construction projects.

Newrest experience and expertise enables her to offer services such as: designs for kitchens and restaurants, budget analyses, and support for local staff, hotel services and more.

Our staff ensures a cosy and pleasant environment and a warm atmosphere for the guests. They, also, benefit from the latest applications developed by Newrest staff to check menus or view events programming or even take part in activities organised by our staff, such as cooking contests.

Catering for Companies/ Institutions

   In Companies and Administrations

Several public and private companies, administrations and embassies have trusted Newrest to manage their restaurant, cafeteria, or reception lounge. Our goal is to create an environment where employees will enjoy their daily meal, choosing from a selection of fresh, appetizing, and carefully presented products.

   In Hospital Institutions

Newrest manages meals for patients and staff in hospital centers and clinics, as well as snacks, bars, and cafeterias for visitors. We believe that good meals improve health and help patients recover. This is why our teams are attentive to the needs of each patient and scrupulously comply with dietary requirements.

   In Educational Institutions

Newrest covers the daily dietary needs in public and private schools of all grades (kindergartens, elementary schools, colleges, secondary schools and universities). We are fully aware of the fact that pupils, teenagers and university students with a healthy, balanced, varied diet have a greater chance of intellectual success and we perceive the significance of our responsibility to contribute to it.

   In Defense Sector

Newrest offers food services daily to visitors, civilians, soldiers in garrison, providing them meals with very specific nutritional requirements.

Catering in Retail

Inside airports or museums, at highway service stations, on-board ships and at bus terminals, Newrest Retail offers a very large range of food services designed to meet the expectations of both travellers and customers. It has designed and manages a portfolio of internal brands in retail, international and local franchises.