Newrest Group

With origins in Group Catair in 1996, and founded by its Co-CEO’s Olivier Sadran and Jonathan Stent-Torriani, Newrest is the only major catering company active in all catering and related hospitality segments including: Airline catering, buy-on-board, duty-free on board, Catering, Remote site and support services, Rail catering, airport and motorway Retail.

With 2020/21 revenues under management of almost 861,9 Μ€ and more than 28,980 employees world-wide in 56 countries, Newrest is also the first largest ‘independent’ airline caterer world-wide.

At year end closing 2020, Newrest is 94,6% management-owned, with its managers holding its capital (340 managers). The remaining capital is held by trusted private investors.

Key Figures


861,9 M€

sales in 2020/21


Activity Sectors
Inflight / Catering & Remote Site/ Rail / Retail






Organization Chart

Our Values

Culinary, on-trend and creative know-how
• Head chefs with traditional background wholly dedicated to their job and customers.
• “Chefs Unlimited”: a club for exchanging new trends, sharing their passion and ongoing innovation in cuisine.
Controlled food safety

Raising awareness among our customers on “eating well”
Our core goal is to educate on the pleasure of eating well:
• Healthy and tasty dishes daily.
• Dieticians and nutritionists accompany customers and teams.

Customized local procurement
• Developing geographical proximity between agricultural producers, transformers and consumers.
• A customized product catalogue for each of our restaurants.

Act together for the planet
• Our commitment: to reduce our carbon footprint by 5% per year and implement ISO 14001 certification.
• Our specific actions: waste reduction and procedures, plan to combat food waste, use of responsible packaging, raising awareness on eco-gestures…
• A new responsible procurement policy: Newrest rigorously selects suppliers and raw materials prioritizing fresh and local products.

Valuable women and men
• Close management.
• An ambitions skill-development plan, enabling us to effectively integrate and accompany our employees and future talent.
• Health and safety: two core aspects integrated into all our actions through training.

Digital and innovation, key players in our activities
• A whole new array of digital tools to enhance the experience at the heart of restaurants and optimize on-site operations.
• “Click & collect”, digitalization of badges, table ordering, online refrigerator, digitalization of traceability procedures, innovative payment collection tools…

A true consumption experience
• Back to the source, internationalization, “ready-to-eat”, sustainable development and digitalization; Newrest is constantly inspired by new consumption trends.
• Modern concepts painstakingly responding to the catering market’s ongoing evolution and new expectations of our customers.